B.S. Pulp & Paper Science Technology, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC


Appointed by Peers to Committee Chairman, Alkaline Pulping Committee of TAPPI


Numerous papers presented at the annual pulping conference sponsored by TAPPI. These papers were on such topics as brown stock screening, green liquor density control and chip screening and resizing.


Organized, set up syllabus, recruited faculty and helped teach a continuing education TAPPI short course entitled "Improving Screening and Cleaning Efficiencies"


TAPPI - Alkaline Pulping Committee


Senior Process Engineer (1993-1999)
Provided technical support for the liquor side of the pulp mill as well as orientation assistance for new engineers.
Adapted the TAPPI short course on screening efficiencies to one suitable for operating personnel and presented it as a two day course for the mill's operating crews.
Increased recovery of Kraft soap by over 100%, increasing revenues from this valuable product.
Increased turpentine recovery by 50%.
Increased efficiency of operation of our two older recausticizing lines, increasing overall white liquor production by 15%.
Specified equipment, vendor and design for new wood chip screening and resizing system.
Assumed duties of Technical Assistant on the Recovery, Power and Recausticizing operating team.
Assisted in starting up a set of "waffle plate" black liquor concentrators. 

Project Engineer - Group Leader (1992-1996)
Managed activities of four engineers plus myself as a team providing technical support to entire pulp mill.
Assisted in start-up of a lime kiln with LMD and associated CZX system using pressure filters.
Participated in the selection of the head box approach flow fine screen on our new paper machine.

Process Engineer - Pulp Mill (1985-1992)
Provided technical support for pulp mill , mainly in brown stock screening systems.
Optimized No. 2 screen room's Cowan gravity screens.
Installed first .032 in contour screen plate basket on hardwood in U.S. in our #1 screen room. Practically eliminated hardwood "dirt" problems and increased quality and consistency of pulp. Reduced paper rejects by 5%.
Ran screening efficiencies short course for TAPPI every two years.
Specified the purchase and oversaw the implementation of an automatic defoamer feeding system on our brown stock washing systems. This was a sophisticated, computer controlled system that worked off of measured air concentration in the vat as well as vat speed and level. Resulted in a reduction of over 60% in defoamer used in these systems.
Assisted in rebuild and start - up of new batch tall oil system.
Worked as executive producer to manufacture a mill tour video and spent several months traveling with Sales department to show it to line employees at our customer's plants.
Built an in house system using "stilling wells", in conjunction with nuclear source density gauges to both monitor and accurately control green liquor density at our three (3) recovery boilers. Decreased the variation in green liquor density going to the recausticizing area by over 150%. 

Technical Assistant - Wood Yard (1983-1985)
Provided shift relief for shift wood yard foreman, scale house supervisor and assistant wood yard superintendent. Technical service provided for all wood handling operations.

Assisted in rebuild and refit for long log portal crane.
Specified, provided support for building and start-up of integrated chip screening and resizing system.

Set up system for thickness testing of all purchased and manufactured chips.
Conducted comprehensive study to determine optimum chip dimensions for cooking. Also included in this study was the effect of fines, pin chips and " thins ". Subsequently led to trial use of slotted fines screens to remove " thins " from chip feed to digesters.

Process Engineer - Finishing and Shipping (1981-1982)
Provided technical support for the new roll tracking and inventory system in the finishing and shipping department. This included the start-up and extensive "de-bugging" of a system that was essentially ahead of its time. 

Process Engineer - Pulp Mill (1972-1981)
Provided process engineering support to the operations of the Kraft pulp mill.
Assisted in the writing of manuals for the start-up of a large set of multiple effect evaporators, concentrators and a large recovery boiler.
Worked on team that raised substantially the reduction efficiency of the above boiler.
Conducted hearth inspections of all recovery boilers on their yearly shutdowns.
Optimized the operation and stabilization of the demineralizers in the power boiler area.
Acted as technical and operation liaison during the first chemical cleaning of a recovery boiler at our mill.
Was the lead start - up engineer on the first belt press used to dewatering solid waste discharged from our effluent clarifier.
Conducted a study of the 20 MGD fresh water treatment plant that led to improvement in its operation while lowering its operating costs. 

Process Engineer - Paper Mill (1967 - 1972)

Developed .018 Readymount (greyback) photomount board for Eastman Kodak.
Ran virtually all color trials on all paper machines during this time period.
Specified, purchased and trained operators on the use of the off line LAB color meter - a major innovation in color control at this time.
Was lead trouble shooter for Aquapel sizing system employed on #1 paper machine.
Provided technical support for polyethylene extruder used to coat milk carton stock.
Acted as quality control shift supervisor in a vacation relief capacity.
Managed slimicide addition systems to three (3) paper machine systems.
Specified equipment and oversaw start - up of mill's first jet starch cooker that fed the size press and calendar stacks of No. 1 & No. 2 paper machine. 


After graduating from N.C.State University

In 1967 with a B.S. in Pulp and Paper Technology, George accepted a position in process engineering with EasTex, Inc. in Silsbee, TX. Although this mill has grown considerably over the years to its present 2000+ TPD, it remains what it has always been - a fully integrated bleached board mill. Over the years this mill has seen many changes both in composition, management and even ownership. Two constants have remained - the mill is still in Silsbee, TX and until the dawn of the new millennium he was still employed there. 

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