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  •  While active on the Alkaline Pulping Committee of TAPPI, I designed a screening course that was offered as a part of TAPPI's continuing education effort. I later adapted that course format to make it suitable for operators as well as engineers and tailored it to fit the screen rooms at the EasTex mill. This course was presented to the operating shifts as well as my fellow engineers and received excellent reviews. There is a difference between "running" a screenroom and operating one. A course such as this - customized for your screen room and presented to your operating people can make a huge difference in the efficiency of your brown stock screening efforts.
  • Frequent episodes of high shive counts coming from the screen room or offgrade bleached stock due to debris could be symptoms of screen room balance problems. A complete audit of your screen room operations to determine where the problem is could save many tons of offgrade stock.
  • If you are thinking about adding equipment to or enlarging your screen room - keeping your system in balance is of great importance. My services in helping your design team come up with the proper equipment recommendations could be invaluable.
  • Although the last Cowan screen was built in the early 80's these gravity screens are still employed extensively in pulp mills around the country and very extensively overseas. Although they have been rendered obsolete by the modern pressure screen, they are capable of doing a very credible job of screening if they are properly maintained and operated correctly. However since their operation differs so much from the pressure screen, very often they are not operated to allow them to give their top efficiency. With my extensive experience in gravity screens a complete study of yours could yield big dividends in higher quality screened accepts.
  • It is extremely beneficial to thoroughly inspect all screens periodically during shutdowns. This can not only detect equipment parts that are worn and need attention but can prevent costly repairs down the line if problems can be detected early. I can provide this service and thus free your personnel to attend to other areas during the very busy period of a mill or area shutdown.
  • Increased fiber demands coupled with stiffening environmental controls have led many mills to introduce recycled fiber to their stock mix. This presents new and unique challenges in the area of fiber screening. If this is occurring at your mill, I can work with your personnel to resolve any issues that may remain.