•  The importance of chip thickness control in the Kraft pulping process has been thoroughly documented. Increased yield, stabilization of Kappa number, decrease in alkali charge and decrease in knotter rejects are just some of the benefits of properly controlling this important variable.
  • With my experience over a number of years in optimizing four chip screening/resizing systems, I can offer a number of services:
  1. If you do not presently have a chip thickness and resizing system but are considering one, I can work with your operations and engineering groups to select one.
  2. If you presently have one and are unsure whether its performance is what you expected or what you feel you need, I can conduct a complete study of it. This study will allow you to compare the results you are presently getting to what you were guaranteed as well as what your process currently requires.
  3. With the above information a program to insure uniform chip thickness can be properly laid out.
  • Over the years it has been my experience that two of the most common failings of these systems are:
  1. Overloading - usually the result of the system being undersized by the vendor.
  2. Poor control over fines and/or pin chip segregation and/or removal.

I can help with the detection as well as resolution of these problems.  

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