sodasperse 1105

For a typical 1000 TPD Kraft pulp mill in the US --- a 1% increase in lime mud solids entering the kiln will result in $1000,000/yr in decreased fuel expense. Sodasperse 1105 is a highly efficient drainage aid that has demonstrated, in mills in Canada and the US, the ability to raise solids in the range of 5 – 9%! The savings possibility here is both very large and very real.• In addition due to the ability to significantly lower the “fines” that blind the filter face, the use of Sodasperse 1105 will dramatically lengthen the period between the need to drop the cake and wash the filter, thus improving kiln up time.• As this material reaches equilibrium in the lime mud filtrate system, benefits are seen in the higher densities achieved in mud washer under flows or the cleaner operation of the socks if pressure filters are being employed. Please see the data sheet for specific information on Sodasperse 1105 and feel free to contact us for more information or to schedule a trial of this remarkable product.


Soap/Liquor Interface Management System

The exact interface from soap to liquor in a black liquor tank is vital information that can be tracked and displayed at a remote location. The SMS2000 will allow continuous and exact tracking of the contents of a black liquor storage with soap floating on it. This is the only instrument available today that will easily do this with no maintenance of any kind. 

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